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Bursting Balloons !
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Monday, April 12, 2010

Attempting the 'mirror shot'

I'm in the process of trying to get a decent 'mirror shot' as on the cover of "The moment it clicks" , I don't normally like copying other people's work but thought this was a cool dea and would like to know how to do it . I started off with my 'brolly box' set up facing toward the camera as I don't have anyone to model for me so have to put up with my own face in the picture .
 Then I had to hold the mirror and angle it to look down the camera lens , which is not as easy as it sounds , to get the correct 'line' - and push the shutter release .
I had bought a small oval mirror in a dinky plastic frame just to get the technique right before getting a mirror with some more 'character' . 
I underexposed the background by around two stops and ended up with iso 200 , 1/200th sec and F20 which greatly reduced the distance the flash could work at , especially since it was also being diffused quite a bit by the umbrella .
The initial results aren't half  bad and have left me with the task of finding a better looking 'subject' to model for me and then I can also 'safely' get a closer crop of the face .

 I really don't like using photoshop but allowed myself to clone out a part of the picture for a different effect .

Now that I'm reasonably comfortable with the concept I am searching for a 'volunteer' for the right weather conditions . 
On the weekend I bought a cheap used mirror and smashed it to get some decent shapes for the contrast between soft skin and sharp glass .

I've put some glue around the edges of the pieces I like so it will be safer to hold and hopefully a decent subject will present 'herself' soon :) .


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